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Complete Weathervane

Our weathervanes are made of 14 gauge steel and comes with a one year warranty on the finish and a lifetime warranty on all workmanship.

We use a 3 step finishing process - First, we zinc plate our units for better adhesion and durability, then we bake on an antique copper vein powder coat followed by a clear powder coat to protect against the UV rays. This provides a durable, scratch resistant finish.

 All of our design tops are very easily interchangeable.

The dimensions listed under each description is the approximate width x height. Please note: All of the designs are on a 21" arrow, but the designs vary in height and width on the arrow. All measurements are taken at the widest and tallest part of each design.



University of South Carolina Top

SKU: 17110B
  • You can order up to 5 additional tops @ $24.99 each for each complete set and we will include them for no additional shipping! Or order the "Welcome",17179A and/or "Go Away",17180A signs for $9.99 each plus up to 3 additional tops without any additional shipping and a Rain Gauge, 17177A is available!