The Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder combines the patented squirrel-proof blue dome with a vinyl coated 1 1/2 inch wire chamber that allows easy access for bluebirds.  Excellent for attracting bluebirds & orioles, while keeping those gluttonous robins and grackles out.  As with every bird feeder, this product comes with a *Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage*.  

Best Squirrel Proof Bluebird Bird Feeder

SKU: 24019
Assembly Instructions
  • Made in the U.S.A., this bluebird feeder comes with a new custom made resin (polyethylene) that is sturdy and UV stable.  The large 17" diameter squirrel-proof dome protects seed from both rain and snow.  The eco friendly dome is made from 100% recycled plexiglas and makes the squirrels slide off every time.  Comes with a meal worm cup that is removable for easy cleaning. Also included is a 2 foot hanging chain.  The bluebird feeder is pole mountable, as the above image shows. (cord & cord lock sold separately for easy pole mounting).