• Carl Hasdal

Squirrel Launcher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2JUJ8jmrT0

LakewindsOnline has been testing the Arundale "Squirrel Proof" birdfeeders for the last 2 years and we can safely say these are the best squirrel proof feeders on the market! The benefits are not only a cleaner area under the feeders but the savings in seed. We have had 3 feeders up the last 2 years and not a single squirrel has defeated the baffle. The only issue we've had is the occasional deer standing on their hind legs and tipping the feeder. I solved that issue by using a sky hook and setting the feeder up out of their reach! We usually went through 800 to 1,100 pounds of birdseed a year but have averaged less than 300 pounds these last 2 years and the feeders still look like new. We pride ourselves on handling quality products and were a little skeptical of the Arundale feeders and the price point, but they more than make up in seed savings as well as the added entertainment of watching the squirrels attempting to defeat the feeders! We used to get anywhere from 12-15 squirrels hitting our feeders and now we only see 3 or 4 feeding what they can find on the ground.

Here is a short video and we can attest to the veracity of the show.


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